Der Berliner Jäger \ The Berlin Hunter

This is a 3 part series about my recent job hunting experience in Berlin. I’ve definitely lead more interviews than I’ve taken, so these tips come from both sides of the interview panel.

My Hunting Tips

Here’s a summary of my iOS job hunting advice:

  • Update your resume and trim any outdated (less relevant) experience
  • In your cover letter, write enthusastically about why you want to work at the company
  • Over prepare for interviews
    • Study up on iOS basics - iOS Interview Questions
    • Complete simple coding exercises - HackerRank
    • Practice long answer* questions out loud
      1. Tell us about your previous work experience
      2. Why should we hire you?
      3. Why do you want to work here?
      4. Tell us about a difficult interaction with a colleage
      5. Describe a challenging engineering problem you resolved
  • Practice describing your career experience out loud, as a story. Ensure this is a compelling story that concludes with the company
  • Revise your cover letter and resume before each interview - this will be your interviewer’s primary reference
  • Reiterate your genuine enthusiasm at each step of the process
  • Plan questions that you want to ask the interviewers
    • If you genuinely have none, explain why, rather than flounder for one

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Written on August 19, 2018